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Final Days Before Honors Exam

  • What are you doing to finalize your preparation for the exam?
    • I am going to finish reading the last bit of texts and annotate them as much as possible. I am also going to re-read the theories and highlight what we’ve discussed in class, so that I become better acclimated with the ideas. In preparation during these last few days, I am going to go over last years’ exam and try to answer every question, drawing connects between the texts and the theories presented in that exam.
  • What are you most worried about as the exam approaches?
    • I am concerned that I’ll freeze up during the exam and not be able to make any inferences or comparisons between the texts. However, during Spring Break, I will be making notes in the cover of my texts so that it can help jog my memory in case I freeze.
    • I am also worried that I may not know the texts as well as I think I do. I’m worried that I will psych myself out and diminish my analytical ability.
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~ by Ravenn Haynes on April 1, 2018.

One Response to “Final Days Before Honors Exam”

  1. This all sounds reasonable. To relax, you’ll want to be orderly about your work this week, and to make sure to get good rest the night before. Remember that you’ll have the texts and your annotations in the exam setting. The key thing is to be able to say something specific about the texts you use. Since these are exam answers (rather than papers), the exam writing will be rougher than what we did for the thesis paper.

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