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Final Essay Rough Proposal

This part of the semester is particularly hard because I have to discuss in detail a topic and text of my choice. While there are many other papers that I would like to expand upon, I think I am going to write about Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. This time around, I am more interested in the character development as each character in different ways managed to suck me in.

My focus will either be on the connection that is shared between Heathcliff and Catherine or the love triangle between Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar and why she was drawn to Edgar physically, but emotionally and spiritually drawn to Heathcliff. I think the Talia Schaffer reading will prove especially useful as I develop that question.

I am also thinking about researching the parallels between the couples, Catherine and Heathcliff and Cathy and Hareton. These pairs would be rather interesting to discuss because of how similar, yet how different they are from their predecessors in the way they look, they behave, react to situations, and above all love each other. Based on what our intended focus should be, either the notion of love, intimacy, attachment, or romance, I see bits and pieces of each of these concepts in my ideas. But, I am still unsure as to which argument will be the most worthwhile.

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~ by Ravenn Haynes on October 27, 2017.

4 Responses to “Final Essay Rough Proposal”

  1. Would you be interested in drawing parallels between Wuthering Heights and vampire diaries? You could explain how the works share similar couple dynamics. (Just a suggestion to make things more fun 🙂 )

  2. That’s a great suggestion. I was thinking of somehow connect WH to modern work. Thank you Deja!

  3. This is still pretty unfocused. One thing that I’d recommend is focusing on one conflict in the criticism of the novel and digging in there. In her article on Wuthering Heights, Talia Schaffer provides a quick overview of many interpretive debates about the novel. Selecting one of these might be a way of beginning to situate yourself in the vast criticism that the novel has generated. The challenge here is going to be staking out some territory of your own, since the novel has been written about a lot.

    I’d avoid comparing the novel to a contemporary work in the essay. This usually results in a truncated treatment of both works and allows one to fall back on comparison and contrast, which just notes a set of similar features between the two works rather than developing an idea that connects them. However, it could be that something like the Vampire Diaries points you to some underexplored aspect of the novel, such as the role of death in eros.

  4. I was thinking of using Talia Schaffer to help guide me through this process. Since I was really captivated by her argument regarding Catherine’s love for Heathcliff and Edgar being spiritual/emotional and social, respectively, I would further delve into that discussion and extract why exactly that was, pinpointing moments throughout the book that support this. Also using the concept of the role of death in eros, this would explain Catherine’s death on many levels and Heathcliff’s death both metaphorical and realistically on many levels. Or am I missing your point completely?

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